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Financial Literacy

Online Resources:
  • Financial Information for Teens - Money is fun to get and spend. But if you learn some money essentials, you will have more options. Learn money management, how to save, and credit basics.
  • Bank It is a one-stop resource for parents, youth and workshop leaders to learn about and educate on making positive choices with money.
  • En Espanol - El programa de Bank It fomenta la conversación entre padres e hijos sobre temas de dinero y les ayuda a tomar buenas decisiones monetarias.
  • College Board Resource - paying for college
  • AIE is a public service website developed to help students plan and complete their journey through higher education. These free resources for students and their families are designed to help students find the right school for them, finance their education, develop career goals, manage their money, and graduate into a life full of opportunities.